greetings goddess!

Welcome to The Green Goddess.

Natural, Handcrafted Bath & Beauty Products for taking care of the Wild Beauty in You.

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greetings goddess!

Welcome to The Green Goddess.

Natural, Handcrafted Bath & Beauty Products for taking care of the Wild Beauty in You.

(780) 332-1988 / Ordering Help

Welcome 2017

A monthly note from The GG:

Welcome 2017, indeed. What a powerful time of year to just...P-A-U-S-E.

2016 ended for me in an upheaval of confusion, stress and heart-break. So this year I have been taking quite a few quiet moments to reflect on 2016 - not to obsess over or punish myself for the things that went "wrong" - but just to acknowledge the fact that things come and things go. We would typically consider these past events "good" or "bad", however I'm trying not to use those terms, because really, things aren't "anything". They just ARE. They are what they are, and the key is that there are ALWAYS plenty of opportunities to learn and to grow from it all. What a gift!

So on that note - WOW - am I ever doing loads of learning and growing!! LOL There are A LOT of business changes happening for The Green Goddess - NONE of which were "the plan". I still don't know exactly what the plan is myself, but as I work through that I will be sure to pass any news along to you, my lovely Goddesses.

One thing is for certain - your love, support, words of wisdom and LOYALTY to The Green Goddess is utterly and undeniably mind-numbing for this humble Goddess. My gratitude to you all during this time of transition is off the charts!!! Truly. So stay tuned my loves, for there is sure to be updates on this big'ole journey of mine.

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Here are answers to the three biggest questions we hear the most about:

How do I use your products? And why is using natural products so important? The GG has a  few secrets to share with you.

How do I use your products? And why is using natural products so important? The GG has a  few secrets to share with you.

Beauty secrets

No matter how small and insignificant the little things that you do on a daily basis may seem; like washing your face, putting on deodorant and lotion, applying makeup or brushing your teeth - it is exactly these things that add up and contribute to health & harmony or a lack-there-of. The Green Goddess has some on

What is wildcrafting? We use as much wildcrafted ingredients as possible and will be focusing even more on this art in the future! Read more to know WHY.

What is wildcrafting? We use as much wildcrafted ingredients as possible and will be focusing even more on this art in the future! Read more to know WHY.

More than just organic

The GG wholeheartedly believes in supporting organic agriculture and chooses organic ingredients whenever possible; this is her commitment to herself, her customers and the Earth. She has a deep love for Organics - but it is wildcrafting that is the rhythm of her on

Cleaning up the chemicals in your house and  changing habits for good healthy ones.

Cleaning up the chemicals in your house and  changing habits for good healthy ones.

You wear 515 chemicals?

The average woman wears 515 Chemicals on her every single day. Say WHAT!?! No wonder our hormones are out of balance and we are full of dis-ease. Take a stand and say NO MORE - because nobody and certainly no company is going to do it for you! Yourself, your family and the Earth will thank you for on

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Beauty Questions

Beauty Questions


After traveling the Globe & working internationally

The Green Goddess has some answers for your biggest BEAUTY QUESTIOns!

*Stay tuned for a discussion of these topics in The GG Blog - coming soon!  

please COME BACK and join the gg on this learning adventure!


Thick Gorgeous Hair


Men + Muscles




Hormone Balance

Diaper Rash


Balance Face PH

New Momma


Energy + Good Moods


The Green Goddess was born from Sarah's love to create beauty & wellness products, along with her fervent passion to share knowledge & empower women. She believes whole-heartedly that open, honest communication and a little guidance can transform the average woman into a powerful Goddess who embodies the spirit of the Wild Woman that is in all of us...She is Strong, She is Wise, She is Beautiful, She is Powerful, She is Fierce...but she is sleeping!

It is my desire to awaken her and to empower the divine feminine in you. Come...sit...sip tea...let's chat...

Beauty Consultations

1/2 hour or 1 hour sessions with The Green Goddess

Natural Face Care: Let's chat about your specific concerns; may they be fine lines & wrinkles, rebalancing the skin, acne, oily, dry, sensitive, etc. Together, let us make a plan to get you feeling and looking your best without the use of expensive store-bought creams that are likely chock-full of chemicals!
Natural Skin Care: Let's chat about skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, rashes, etc and make a plan to get you feeling good in your own skin again by focusing on natural, gentle remedies!
You pick the topics that are important to you! Let us share knowledge & support, let us lift each other up, let us look and feel like the wise, beautiful women that we are. I am here to be of service to you in any way that I can. I sincerely hope to see you! 


* Please note that Sarah Keates is not a doctor, she is a Goddess and beauty enthusiast.  Please contact your medical practitioner for medical advice.


About the Green Goddess

Sarah Keates: Evolution from Woman to Goddess. Join me!

About the Green Goddess

Sarah Keates: Evolution from Woman to Goddess. Join me!

About the Green Goddess:

There is nothing fluffy and new agey about the GODDESS...She is like the oldest Tree on Earth, the most Ancient Breath of Life, the most Brilliant Light of the Infinite, the most Deepest Womb of Creation.
— The Return of the Divine Feminine

  The Green Goddess's line of bath and beauty products are created for the soul mission that you will feel like a Goddess when you use them!  It is my life's passion to create irresistible cosmetics that you will want to anoint yourself with on a daily basis - but it is my ultimate goal to give you the tools necessary for you to be compassionate to yourself, to love yourself and to take the time out of your busy day for nurturing the divine feminine. As a woman we tend to give to everyone else first - but without our own health and well-being, without our happiness and without a vibrancy that only a well-nourished woman has - there would be nothing left of ourselves to give. Be the Goddess that you were born to be; pay attention to Her, nurture Her and watch Her rise! And if you're having a hard time finding/feeling Her - remember that The Green Goddess is always here to guide you! 

   The heartbeat of The Green Goddess is inspired by embracing a beautiful life on this beautiful blue dot. Her heartbeat's rhythm grows stronger when she is surrounded by nature, love, creativity, community, sustainability, laughter, compassion, story-telling, travel, and frequent dance parties. Click around and learn more about The Green Goddess and her mission to spread the love!

the Heart of our Story:


Something compelled me one day to flip a product over that I was looking at in a big chain store. I was immediately shocked and horrified to see a list of unpronounceable ingredients and things I had never heard of before...

Read More Here ⇒


My Mission is to create awareness and to create a movement.  I want to revolutionize how we view the cosmetic industry and what we place value on....



The GG loves being an Artisan! And she also loves to support her craft by supporting other artisans. Each and every ingredient in our products has a story that began somewhere.  The Green Goddess is working towards knowing what... 


our values

The Green Goddess is constantly striving to improve the quality of her products & therefore your experience using them...


Did you know?

Sarah's Love for beauty & Wellness began as a Massage Therapist on a Cruise Ship Line

Even as a child growing up in the prairies, Sarah remembers wanting to travel the world. The "green" part of the future Green Goddess was yearning for experiences beyond the snowy plains. Sarah even chose her career as a Massage Therapist knowing that she could go anywhere in the big, beautiful world with just a bottle of massage oil - and travel she did! Upon graduation Sarah immediately applied to Steiner Leisure Academy of London and Miami - the world's largest 5 star floating spa - and before she knew it the small town girl was boarding her first airplane to board a luxury cruise ship. And so it began...

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
— Diane Mariechild

The Green Goddess's Why:

Because we are worth it...because a beautiful life filled with love & laughter begins with US. Because we have the power to transform not only ourselves but our families too, and also the world. I truly believe that. We may have misplaced our true strength as women, but I am here to accompany you on this journey to find it again...

Women are the caregivers, the nurturers and the life-givers...there are so many people deeply connected to you as a woman!  If you can be happy, full, healthy and whole, then everyone and everything you touch will grow.

Saving Women, one harmful chemical at a time, women's awareness & empowerment. We are strong together.

Giving back

Global Malala

The Green Goddess is so proud to be giving to this amazing cause! For already a year now, a portion of The Green Goddess's sales have been supporting these beautiful girls all over the world to receive an education 💚  For those of you who may not know - The Green Goddess firmly believes that it is girls & women that have the power to transform the world into a better world!

Malala Fund

The Malala Fund is focused on helping girls go to school and raise their voices for the right to education.


Local Women's Shelter

Even though The Green Goddess donates monthly to support Women's initiatives around the world, supporting LOCAL is important, too. Women far and near need a helping hand and it is for this reason that The GG will be giving to our local Women's Shelter, the Peace River Regional Women's Shelter.

Global Shea Alliance

The Green Goddess is proud to support the Global Shea Alliance which stands for:

The Women of Africa, Fair Trade practices, taking women from war torn environments and giving them work and thereby a life for themselves and their families, maintaining the quality of the Shea nut through proper practices which include rehabilitating the soil, and more! We are super excited about the quality of this product and what it supports.  It is good for us and great for the women of the world!


Do it for Yourself


Do it for Yourself




Become More Green Goddess'ish

Become More Green Goddess'ish


perfect for kids & Adults

Are you trying to think "outside the box" for your child's next birthday party? Children today can have such an abundance of toys, games and "stuff" piling up, creating frustrations for everyone. If you are looking for a more soul-centered and memorable birthday experience how about gifting your child, friend, or partner to an educational, inspiring and more importantly - super fun - birthday party? Invite The Green Goddess along for a unique, thoughtful & creative day making some good-for-you beauty treats! Fun for all ages! 

Click here to ask for a quote - it is per child or person attending.

Hands on Classes

Create products yourself

It's one thing to buy the products, but did you know that you can make the products too? Join The Green Goddess in one of her ever-popular and oh-so-fun teaching classes, usually located in Fairview, AB, or Peace River, AB.

Can't make it to a posted class? Why not have your own private party? Grab some girlfriends for a special ladies night and honour your friendships over a fun-filled night learning, crafting & creating custom-made natural bath & beauty products! Laughter, Love, Learning, Friendship, Nibbles (& Wine) are commonly found at these special events. The GG hopes to see you soon!

Click here to ask for a quote - it is per person attending. 


beauty consultations

Do you need help with your beauty routine, but don't know where to start? Why not join The Green Goddess for a little visit...Let us sit, sip tea & chat. Bring your beauty products, confusions, questions, comments & concerns, and let Sarah help guide you through it all! Learn how to confidently navigate your way into a more natural approach to beauty, foregoing harmful chemicals found in most cosmetics today and protect yourself and family through the process! An inspirational and educational chat with Sarah will have you blissfully on your way to becoming your most radiant, natural self!

To book a 1/2 hour or 1 hour session, click here to get more information

Tell us how we are doing! Talk to us - your thoughts matter!

A truly beautiful woman is one who knows her strength and uses it for the benefit of the planet and its entirety.